I just got home from dropping off 250 cupcakes to a wedding at the Balboa Pavilion on the Balboa Peninsula. The is a very pretty facility inside. Nothing too fancy. but it is over looking the bay. And anything with an ocean view always wins over guests. The bride and groom wanted funfetti cupcakes. And I am not gonna lie, the box stuff is so easy. So That’s what I did. Box cake, and homemade vanilla buttercream. It is a simple flavor, but so stinken good.

Funfetti is my favorite box cake mix. Chocolate is my favorite cake flavor, but from a box, heck no. Let’s say my flavor palette has become too mature to actually enjoy that stuff now. Sure, Ill still eat it if I have a sweet tooth, but I don’t make it anymore.

The cupcakes turned out well. They weren’t too difficult. And the weather was good for it. It wasn’t too hot. Which would have caused the frosting to melt, and that would have been bad :(

If you want me to make your wedding cupcakes, or cater your wedding, just ask. And we can see if it would be a good fit.