I am going to start by saying this; I know this salad may sound strange to some. Watermelon, cheese and basil, what the heck? But give it a try. If you like mint better then basil, then use mint. Or if you like feta more then chevre (goat cheese) then use feta. You can even replace the watermelon with cantaloupe. It is incredible with any of those substitutions. It is sweet, savory and refreshing. It is very low in calories and easily digestible.
Watermelon is going out of season, so make this soon so you don’t have to put it off another year.
* side note: did you know chevre cheese has only 6 grams of fat per serving? Cheddar has 9 and brie has 10. So chevre is a low fat cheese!

Serves 2
1/4 of a watermelon (about 2 cups cut into 1/2 inch- 1 inch cubes)
1 cucumber, chopped into 1/2 inch pieces
1/4 cup basil, chopped
1/3- 1/2 cup goat cheese, crumbled

Toss all the ingredients in a bowl and serve.

*Chill the watermelon and cucumber before cutting. The salad tastes best chilled.
Right now my watermelon salad is sitting in a Tupperware container, tossed and in the fridge waiting for lunch time. I am pretty excited about it.