Well, I made it through November. I wasn’t able to make everything on my November list. Some of them I just didn’t get around to, or I made something that was speaking to me more that moment. I need to confess what I didn’t make. And then I will justify it :)

Strawberry Soup– I have been trying to avoid dairy so much that the ingredients just never made it on my shopping list. However, eggnog did make it on my list. So I made an eggnog yogurt. Which can be a breakfast or dessert. So it takes the place of the strawberry soup ?.?.
Sweet potato Ice Cream– Um, I made Cinnamon Roll instead. No justification needed, the Cinnamon Roll was freaking awesome!
Apple Galette– I was originally having Thanksgiving at my house. Which is when I was going to make this. But plans changed and it is at the grandparents house. And she is an awesome baker so she will be managing dessert. Instead I made a cannoli napoleon with an apple pie filling as an appetizer.

Back to Decembers list. I hope I can accomplish all of this this month. I am bummed I didn’t complete last month. But that’s okay, it is my own list right? I make the rules. And If I don’t want to complete it, it’s not like I fail.

I have a container of buttermilk in my fridge that is going to go bad in about a week if I don’t use it. So, that is why a few of these recipes are geared around buttermilk. Otherwise, I would have been more diversified in my December choices.

1. Sweet Potato Streusel Muffins (with buttermilk)
2. Buttermilk Honey Bread
3. Australian Rocky Road
4. Gingerbread House
5. Gingerbread Scones
6. Fresh Cranberry Bars
7. Chocolate Pecan Pie Cupcakes
8. Snickerdoodles
9. Pork Tamales
10. Beef Bourguignon (Christmas Dinner)

Why the Australian Rocky Road? Because my friend has been living in Australian for almost a year. And she sent me a website of what Australia considers Rocky Road. It is sort of like our fudge. And fudge and Christmas are almost inseparable.

Most of the other items are chosen just because they sound good. If they were placed in front of my face right now, I would eat them.