I love being resourceful. I have so much peppermint flavored stuff in my baking cabinet (yes, I have an entire cabinet dedicated to it) that has been accumulating this Christmas baking season. And since Christmas is, well, tomorrow, I thought it would be perfect to try and use up some of the peppermint goods before the season is over. So I made 2 types of cookies. Both using the same basic dough recipe.

On the first batch I used Hershey’s candy cane kisses. They are so cute and festive I couldn’t pass them up at the store. And paired with the chocolate peppermint dough, mmmm, they are delish! Make the dough the same way, but roll small balls of dough and bake the small balls for 15 minutes. As soon as you take them out of the oven put the kiss in the middle. Let them cool completely (The kiss melts, but will keep its shape if it stays still).

The second batch I crushed some peppermint bark and used that in place of the chips in the recipe. After the cookies baked I sprinkle some leftover peppermint bark on top of the cookies. These would be so good as an ice cream sandwich!!!!

I still have an urge to bake more Christmas cookies. But I also really need to start prepping Christmas dinner. What to do, what to do. BOTH? Husband may severely dislike me, but you know I will try to accomplish all of it.