Brunch is my favorite meal of the day. Not that I eat brunch often, because I don’t. I usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And LOTS of snacking in between. But on the weekends I really enjoy a nice long workout in the morning and a late breakfast/early lunch. I look forward to being able to do that all week. Seriously, I do. Jon was out of town snowboarding with the guys a couple weeks ago so I decided to have the girls over for a Saturday morning brunch.

We all like to eat, I mean EAT. But we also like to eat healthy. My criteria for the menu:
not boring
feeding 5 people for under $20, TOTAL

So after much deliberation, I came up with the menu. I made all the sandwiches small finger sandwiches. And the scones and cake were tiny too. Everything fit on my 4 tier servings tray and looked very pretty. I set the table with placemats and cloth napkins.

Side Note: Last year for our anniversary (5 years of marriage bliss, no seriously, it’s been GREAT!) my husband did ’12 days of anniversay.’ Each day for the 12 days leading up to our anniversary he got me a present representing what day that was. So on the 8th day he bought me 8 table settings: placemats and napkins. He picked them out AND I LOVE THEM!!! I use them whenever I can. They are all mismatched but they all still go together. He picked a red and green color scheme and bought whatever somewhat matched that. He’s great!

So I used my neat-o table settings for the brunch and put a little cup of fruit on each plate. Nothing was expensive or cost me extra. But it was all in the presentation. Sure, I could have just set out a bowl and had people dish out their own fruit salad, but this added a cute little touch without costing more.

Moroccan Carrot Sandwich
Pear, Cheddar and Turkey Sandwich
Cucumber Rounds
Egg Salad Cups
English Breakfast Scones
Avocado Lemon Cornmeal Cakes
Banana Peanut Butter Bread
Fruit Salad Cups

Turkey, Pear and Cheddar Sandwiches
I spread some avocado on a slice of bread, then the turkey (just 1 slice), cheddar, and thin slices of pear. I cut the crusts off the bread and cut each slice of bread into 3 rectangular pieces. I used 3 pieces of bread for 5 people, that’s pretty good!

I didn’t want everything to be carbohydrate based. Red cabbage makes such pretty boats to hold what would other wise be a ‘sloppy’ filling. So I decided the egg salad would be perfect in them. It would add some color to the otherwise boring looking egg.

Egg Salad Cups
5 eggs, hardboiled, cooled and chopped
1 tbsp reduced fat mayo
1 tbsp non fat greek yogurt
1 tsp dijon mustard
salt and pepper to taste
Chopped Basil for garnish (or parsley)

Mix it all in a bowl and spoon into the cabbage cups and serve.