I have been making homemade yogurt now for a little over a month. Some people think I am a little extreme for spending money on a device when I can buy perfectly good yogurt at the store. I would think I was crazy too if the yogurt at the store was ‘perfectly good’ and if the math didn’t add up to save us $20 a month by making our own yogurt. Yes, you read right, $20 a month we have saved. And no, we don’t eat gallons of yogurt. I eat 1 small yogurt a day with my breakfast. And Jon eats 1 every other day or so. To see more on this, go to How To Simplify and see my guest post!

The $50 machine is electronic and pretty much fool proof.

Breakfast: almost 2 cups of some kind of berries and 1 jar of yogurt. I look forward to my breakfast every morning because I know I am giving my body all natural life giving nutrients with NO chemicals, additives or sweeteners.