Do you ever take shortcuts in the kitchen that just aren’t worth it?

Do those shortcuts ever involve trying to lower the fat, salt or sugar in a recipe?

Ya, I’m sort of notorious for doing this. And sometimes they work like a gem (like in my Irish Wheat Bread) and other times they just suck. Over and over again I have tried to use non stick spray in a pan instead of buttering the bread for grilled cheese. Why do I keep trying this? I’m not entirely sure, but it is a real dumb thing to keep trying. What do they call it when you keep trying the same thing over and over expecting different results? Oh yes, insanity, that’s it.

For the past couple months this sharp Celtic cheddar cheese keeps catching my eye at Trader Joe’s. And each time it catches my eye, I buy it. It is TASTY. It’s sharp and tangy and has a little sourness that bites the back of your cheeks. AND it’s low fat, ya, double whammy! This low fat cheese actually melts and it totally worth it to cut the calories. Some low fat cheese aren’t worth the purchase, this one is.

I craving a grilled cheese using my low fat Irish Wheat Bread and a low fat cheddar cheese. A warm sunny Sunday afternoon and for some reason comfort food sounded perfect?! Remember, I am sort of insane. Even though this may be made with low fat items, this is not a low fat grilled cheese because I am going to lather each side in butter. No non stick spray today folks. The insanity stops here.

Sliced Irish Wheat Bread
Extra sharp cheddar cheese

Lather each piece of bread with butter on 1 side. Place 1 piece butter side down on a hot skillet, top the bread with lots of sliced cheese, then the other piece of bread, butter side up (not touching the cheese). Cook on each side about 4-5 minutes. Until it is a deep golden brown. Slice and serve.

Perfectly browned and the cheese is so melty it is starting to drip into the pan. Delightful!

I can’t get over how perfect my sandwich was. Buttery, cheesy, hearty, satisfying, just simple tasty.