About 2 months ago Jon saved a man’s life. No joke, I am not even being dramatic.

A random Friday morning in March Jon went golfing with a few guys from church.

I hate stories that take FOREVER to get to the point. So this will be quick.

Around hole #6 or #7 they were walking to the next hole and Jon noticed that Lou was looking a little pale. Actually, Jon said it was ghostly white. Jon asked Lou if he was ok, and Lou said yes. But Jon knew he wasn’t (Jon was a lifeguard for a lot of years and knew a health emergency when he saw one). And then when Lou mentioned his chest was in severe pain, but it would pass. The whiteness on his face got even whiter. Lou started to become very sluggish and lethargic. This was all happening within a couple minutes. Jon looked at Scott, another one of their golfing buddies who is also a cop, and Scott and Jon immediately kicked into emergency mode. They both knew Lou was having a heart attack, what smart men! They got Lou to lay down and delegated duties. Jon and Scott tried to keep Lou conscious while Steve, the 4th of their golfing crew, called 911 and went flag down the ambulance (being in the middle of a golf course doesn’t exactly make it easy to give 911 your cross streets or ‘approximate’ location).

Within 12 minutes of calling 911 the ambulance was on the golf course getting Lou onto the push bed thing (what is that called?). Within an hour and a half of the ambulance being called he was in and out of emergency open heart surgery. He had 1 stint and a pacemaker put in. The next day they actually removed the pacemaker because Lou really didn’t need it. 2 days after a massive heart attack Lou was out of the hospital doing and feeling great.

A couple of facts:
1. Lou is 75 and has been married to Mazi for 48 years. They are ADORABLE!
2. Lou is in GREAT shape. He is a small little Irish man who was once recruited to play professional soccer, but his mom wouldn’t let him because she needed help on their farm. He is a Manchester United fan, big time fan!
3. He doesn’t eat crap, doesn’t smoke or drink, ever. He has never smoked or drank because that would have hindered his soccer playing ability.
4. If Lou would have been at home, he would have died. Why? because he wouldn’t have called 911 when he felt the chest pain. He would have assumed it would eventually go away. But by the time he would realized it wasn’t going away it would be too late.

After that day both Jon and I called our parents and asked them to please call 911 if they ever feel chest pain. Please don’t try and ‘tough it out.’ Our parents are only in their 50’s, but you hear of people all the time having heart attacks at all ages. Heart attacks aren’t prejudice against age, gender or race.

So this bread, this bread was served to Jon and I when Lou and Mazi had us over for dinner to say ‘thank you’ for saving Lou’s life. Like I said, Lou and Mazi are Irish. They came here from ireland when Lou was in his early 20’s. Even though they have been here for about 50 years, they still cook traditional Irish food, which is what our dinner was. Some beef brisket type thing, turnips, peas and this DELICIOUS bread. All of the food was amazing, I had 2 servings of everything, but 4 servings of the bread.

The bread is easy to make and boasts of amazing flavor. I attempted to eat a piece of bread without butter, which wasn’t okay with Lou, “put some butter on that.” Okay, no problem. He is right, the bread just melts in your mouth with a little, or a lot, of butter on it. It is hearty, satisfying and comforting.

Makes 1 loaf
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 egg
2 cups buttermilk
1 tsp salt
1/4 cup applesauce (you can use melted butter or oil too, I used applesauce to lower the fat)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

In a medium-sized bowl lightly beat the egg and then gradually add the buttermilk. Beat in the applesauce (or melted butter or oil).

In another bowl sift and mix the dry ingredients and stir in the buttermilk mixture into the sifted dry ingredients.
*Dough should be about the consistency of brownie batter. Not stiff to where you can spoon it out, but not runny.
If your dough is too dry, mix in small amounts of buttermilk until it is the right consistency like brownie batter.

Bake for 50 minutes. The bread is done when you can ‘knock’ on it and it sounds hollow. Don’t take the bread out too soon, or the middle of the bread won’t get cooked through. The outside crust will be nice and crunchy, and the inside will be perfectly moist and fluffy.

I almost started to pet the top of loaf because it puffed up so perfectly like a ‘good little loaf.’

Crunchy crust, perfect!

Butter, gotta eat a piece with butter.