On a whim I bought some popcorn kernels at the grocery store last week. Jon LOVES kettle corn. So I figured I would make him some as a treat.

Okay, now to search ‘how to make kettle corn.’

Oh wow, there are lots of people who have made it and blogged about it. Sweet, this will be easy. After I browsed around a bit, I finally decided on the recipe I used. Only 4 ingredients and it seemed so easy.

We ate dinner and then decided to pop in our newest Mad Men disc we got. I have a crush on January Jones’ (Betsy) wardrobe. Oh my gosh, how can you not? Have you seen it? AMAZING! Okay, she has an evil side…I haven’t finished season 3, but I just have a feeling she is has something up her sleeve.

And this is the dress that made me want to be a house wife, I mean, if I get to wear dresses like this, count me in!

Our first baby girl will have the middle name Grace (because I love Grace Kelly) and maybe her first name will be January. Okay NO. Julia, you can not name your children after people who have good wardrobes, not okay! If they have other redeeming qualities, then yes, fine, but NOT because of their wardrobe, got it? Good. Oh, remember my post on how I process things? Ya, that was me processing again.

Recipe from Sweet Savory Life

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup popcorn kernels

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp salt

Heat the oil in a LARGE pot. At least 5 quarts.

Add 3 kernels to the warming oil. When those kernels pop, then add all of the popcorn and sugar to the oil. Give it a quick stir and put the lid on the pot. It takes about 5 minutes and you will start to hear the glorious popping start to happen.

I gave the pot a few shakes to make sure nothing was burning and the unpopped kernels would sink to the bottom near the heat to pop. It took about 3-5 minutes for all the kernels to pop.

Turn off the heat and sprinkle the salt on the popcorn. Transfer the popcorn from the pot to a large bowl.

The popcorn will be a little sticky and the kernels will be sticking together a little bit. But as soon as you take them off the heat the sugar hardens and you have perfect kettle corn!

Store in an airtight container or ziplock baggie. Or just eat it all then, you might! It is that good!

This took only a couple minutes longer then microwave popcorn. And it is 1 million times better. I’m telling you, make your popcorn on the stove, you will be happy you took the extra 2 minutes to do it!