Bakery Crawl, what exactly does that mean? Have you ever heard of a bar crawl? You hit up tons of different bars in one night trying something at each bar. The end result: lots of puking the next morning. Not my kind of crawl. Although, a bakery crawl is sorta similar. We crawled, almost literally, from one bakery to the next sampling different treats. And by the end, we wanted to puke from so much delicious food in our belly. Sara from Our Private Kitchen headed up this crawl and organized the agenda for the day. We were joined by Quyen from Kitchen Runway and Chrystal The Duo Dishes.

9 am Huckleberry
10 am Susie Cakes
11 am Compartes Chocolatier
12 pm Jin Patisserie

I started off my morning with a breakfast burrito.

And a whole wheat shortbread cookie.

I was thoroughly impressed with the flavors of both. The burrito was $9.50 and the cookies was $2.50. I guess I am used to my local breakfast burritos that are stuffed to the brim and cost less then $5. For almost $10, it was a huge plate of food and still super delicious, so I suppose it was worth it :)

Sara ordered a peach tart and a simple croissant. WOW. That peach tart, I think I am still craving it. Absolutely unbelievably delicious! And the croissant was extremely moist, buttery, doughy yet flaky. It was truly the perfect croissant.

Now Susie Cakes, oh Susie Cakes how I love thee. We have one right by my house, so I have been here MANY times before. This time though I made a commitment to try something new. In the past I have not been super impressed with their cupcakes because they seemed too crumbly and just sort of normal, nothing extraordinary. But I wanted to give them another chance. So I decided to try a flavor that was a little different and that had the potential to scream of flavor. The coconut cupcake. And holy moly, I was impressed and my taste buds did a little dance. It was rich, creamy, coconut, yet still somehow light? Perfection!

As if we weren’t already slightly shaking from the sugar intake, we headed to our next destination: Compartes Chocolatier. A small little chocolate shop off the beaten path. The chocolate are intensely rich, creatively flavored and just GOOD! I got 3: Smoked Salt Truffle and Ridiculous Raspberry. I know, aren’t those just the most delicious sounding chocolate ever? Smoked Salt chocolate, we were VERY intrigued and VERY delighted by the rich depth of flavor. You can even order these chocolate online. These would be ana AMAZING gift for pretty much anyone. Including me in case you want to ever send me a little token of your affection.

On to lunch… Jin Patisserie. We were all really excited about this place. I am not entirely sure where the anticipation came from, but we had high hopes. When I walked in I was ECSTATIC. A little note about me, I LOVE sitting on the patio at any restaurant I love being outside and enjoying the fresh air. And good thing I like sitting outside because that is the only option here. So what do they do when it rains? They must just close for the day, I don’t know. The food was simple, tea, sandwiches, and tea like pastries. So I concluded, OH, this is like a tea house. I got the chicken salad on whole grain bread with a mixed green salad.

It was the lunch special so it came with a small slice of cake for dessert. The sandwich was nothing to brag about, let alone even talk about. Sure, it filled my belly, but for $14, ya, I would not recommend it to anyone. The chocolate cake was a chocolate mousse with vanilla custard and cherries. It was very good, but not worth coming here just for it (I guess unless I lived in the neighborhood, then I would). Now the tea, the tea was excellent. But in the end, the only thing I really liked about the place was the ambiance.

We had SO much fun doing this. Hopefully we will have another bakery crawl sometime in the fall with new bakeries, and maybe even in a different city…Who knows, the possibilities are endless.