I ordered a chicken salad sandwich yesterday at a restaurant and hoped for 1 thing on it (besides the obvious chicken): dried cranberries to be somewhere in it. Ding dang was I let down when the chicken salad was simply chicken and mayo. That’s it. Lame. So now my craving still needed to be fulfilled. Which meant I had to go grocery shopping.

Do you ever grocery shop on Sunday? Not the best idea because every one else does on Sunday too. So I decided I would take the morning off of church and get some chores done, like going to the store before the entire county did. Well, that didn’t happen either. Man, I am just striking out all over the place. I ended up laying in bed or on the couch until 11 am, still in my pj’s with unbrushed teeth. And top of everything, I was watching TERRIBLE movies on the Hallmark channel. Oh gosh, I needed an intervention at this point. Anyway, I finally peeled myself off the couch, put on some acceptable clothing, brushed my teeth, and went to Costco, with the rest of Orange County.

I know my way around Costco and I knew what I wanted, so there was no dilly dallying. I headed straight for my goods and headed out. $90 later I left with a huge cart full of food. I was blown away that I came in under $100 at Costco and got TONS of food. In my cart were all the ingredients necessary for the perfect chicken salad sandwich, seriously, I got all of what I needed at 1 store. Simple healthy ingredients. I was pleased.

Makes 2 sandwiches
1/2 fresh baguette
1/2 cup chopped rotisserie chicken
3 tbsp greek yogurt (you can use mayo instead, I just opted for the lower fat higher protein option)
3 tbsp dried cranberries (or more depending on your craving)
handful spinach
1/2 avocado

Mix the chopped chicken, yogurt and dried cranberries in a bowl.

Cut the baguette in half lengthwise and scoop out of middle of the bread. This will leave lots of room for sandwich filling.

Spread the avocado on 1 half of the baguette. Top with spinach leaves, the chicken mix, then the top of the bread. Cut the long sandwich into 4 pieces, 2 per person.

Serve with a side of fruit for a refreshing summer lunch.

I didn’t even have to add salt or pepper o the sandwich because the rotisserie chicken is seasoned really well. But, if you like it peppery or extra salty, by all means, go for it. The avocado adds a rich creaminess without adding any mayo, I appreciate that aspect. But if you don’t have any avocado, spread a little mayo or cream cheese on the bread.