I don’t think I post many, or any pictures of me on here. Since people like to see the growing belly, and will eventually want to see the little bae, I guess pictures should be posted. And to be honest, the more time passes, the more proud I am of my growing body.

It is hard to accept, yes. It’s hard to watch your body grow and change so much, so quickly. Oh man, and it is TOUGH to watch that scale creep up. I know it’s because a baby is growing inside of me, duh, I am not an idiot. But still, the kid weighs less then a pound, so ahh, what’s with the remaining 20 that I’ve packed on? But like I said, the more time that passes the better I am at appreciating the reason for the weight gain.

The more I feel her kick. The more I imagine what she will look like. The more I dream about our future. The greater my love grows and grows for her. The easier it gets to accept the present.