Deciding what cake to make this year for my birthday has been GRUELING. Mainly because I just haven’t had the energy to bake a cake. But any other option, i.e. buying a cake, just seemed out of the question. Mainly b/c I can bake my own dang cake, I know how, so just get your butt in the kitchen and DO It. That was my pep talk I had with myself, like it?

Then deciding on the flavor, oy vey! Why was this so difficult? I went from anything that had mascarpone, to funfetti, and finally landed on the cake I actually made. FINALLY!

Growing up we ALWAYS had yellow cake with chocolate frosting for celebrations.

Yep, from the box and jar (and really only about 1/2 the jar went on the cake b/c the other half was spooned straight into my mouth). We would just make a sheet cake, smear ALL (at least all that was left) of the frosting on top, put on some sprinkles and a candle, and voila! Birthday Cake.

Yellow cake with chocolate frosting is probably the ultimate cake that reminds me of childhood and celebrations. So it seemed like the perfect cake to make for my birthday. Even though I totally had funfetti on the brain…my cupboards didn’t have sprinkles.

Yellow Cake recipe from Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice
The recipe makes 24 cupcakes. If you fill all 24 evenly, your cupcakes will turn out perfectly filled, like this:

And if you overfill them b/c you are slightly over zealous and want some monster cupcakes, they will look like this:

I’m just sayin, the first one is much prettier and is easier to frost.
*This yellow cake recipe is AWESOME. I love it and will for sure be making it again!

Chocolate Butter Cream from Brown Eyed Baker

I doubled the chocolate to 8 ounces and shaved a little dark chocolate on top. Which turned out to just look like dirt sprinkled on top, but of well. It tasted GREAT.
*Love this butter cream recipe too.

This was my first time busting out photo lighting in a few months. Ya, I CLEARLY need to get back in practice. Photography is just NOT my forte, but I won’t give up!