Yet again, another Christmas recipe and another ‘drizzle’ recipe. No complaints, just sayin

We didn’t make fudge growing up. In fact, I don’t recall ever even eating fudge until I met my husband. Now his family, it’s a sin NOT to make and eat fudge during the Christmas season. I was quickly introduced to fudge and the many varieties it can come in our very first Christmas. His mom always makes 2 kinds: simple fudge with walnuts and orange 50/50. The simple fudge with walnuts is just that, but the orange 50/50 is like the orange 50/50 popsicles. It’s an orange popsicle with a creamy middle, so picture that in fudge form.

In keeping with Jon’s family tradition I wanted to make fudge this year. Usually he is the one who makes it every year, but this year I will be the one. I wanted to make my own version though, branch out from their traditional walnut or orange 50/50. I’m a peanut butter FREAK so it only made sense to make a peanut butter fudge. And ya, it’s pretty much AH-Mazing!!!!!

The recipe is right off the back of a marshmallow fluff jar, with some added peanut butter chips. So I can’t take credit for some secret family recipe. But I will take credit for the fact that it was my 2 hands that managed to put the ingredients together to form this delightful Christmas treat.

To make this ‘peanut butter fudge’ I did the following:

-Pour half of the batch of chocolate into the pan, sprinkle with half of a bag (10 ounce bag) of Reese’s peanut butter chips, then quickly pour and spread the remaining chocolate over the sprinkled chips.

*I say to quickly pour the chocolate because as you will see, it starts to harder pretty quickly and isn’t very ‘spreadable’ or ‘pourable’. So this step may take 2 people: 1 to tilt the pan as the fudge pours out, and the other to spread the chocolate. Just my 2 cents…

-Melt the remaining Reese’s chips in the microwave and drizzle over the top of the fudge. Allow to cool at least 4 hours then cut and serve.

*To make thicker fudge, use an 8×8 inch pan per batch. I like thick fudge, so I either double the batch and still use a big pan, or make a smaller batch in a smaller pan. Again, just my 2 cents…

Fudge is the perfect Christmas gift. It is made in huge batches and can be cut and wrapped super easily. Tie a pretty bow around it, done and done! It can be made days, and even weeks ahead of time.

You can freeze fudge for months (which is exactly why we get to enjoy fudge year round). Just wrap it in plastic wrap, then foil and freeze. You can wrap the pre-cut squares, or just wrap up the entire pan full.

Or let it sit out on the counter, wrapped up in plastic wrap, for up to 2 weeks (but I doubt it will last that long just sitting there, you will probably nibble away until the last crumb is gone).