You’re never too old to have your first jell-o shot, right?!

I have no idea why i got the idea in my head to make jell-o shots, none. But it got in me head and I could not get it out. Sometimes I have no explanation for myself, I’m a little strange.

When I looked in our cupboards we randomly had cherry jell-o and port, which didn’t help my new obsession. I don’t know when either of them were purchased. The jell-o had to be YEARS ago. But it’s just powdered preservatives, so that doesn’t go bad, at least that’s my theory. And wine ages with time, I think??

I did a lot of google searching and blog browsing before I eventually just said ‘screw it, I’m just gonna go for it and hope they turn out.’ Everyone had their own recipe, their own ratio of water/alcohol/jell-o. It was overwhelming. At the end, I concluded that if you boil the amount of water the box calls for mix it with the jell-o and then add half the amount of cold liquid (this is where you add your liquor of choice) you will get firm enough jell-o for free standing shots. Not the kind that come in mini plastic cups that you get in Cancun on spring break.

I poured the jell-o into ice cube trays so it would make individual jell-o pieces. And that worked, but getting them out wasn’t so much fun. I sprayed the trays with non stick spray, but the bottom still stuck a little, so they we’re pretty. The good news is there were my practice’ jell-o shots. I was making the real thing (with tequila, holla!) the next day for some friends coming over. But I wasn’t going to let these go to waste. Confession: deep down, at the core of me I like jell-o, can cheese spray, gas station powdered donuts, and Boone’s Farm ‘wine.’ Growing up a ‘fancy’ dessert would be jell-o mixed with whipped cream. Not gonna lie, I sorta love it.

My husband will vouch, when I took a bite of my parfait, I moaned with delight. There is no denying it, I love jell-o and I really love fresh whip cream. Add some fresh berries and you got yourself a classy dessert. Yes you can taste the port, but it’s not overwhelming. It goes very well with cherry jell-o. Prepare the parfaits in mason jars and you have a classy dessert to bring with you work? Err, maybe not work, I mean a picnic :)

Port Jell-o Parfaits
Serves 2 (double everything and use the 6 oz jell-o to easily serve 4)

1 package (3 oz) cherry jell-o
1 cup water
1/2 cup port wine

1/2 cup whipping cream
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup mixed berries (I used a combo of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries)

To make the Jell-o:
Boil the 1 cup water over the stove. Once it’s boiling remove from the heat and stir in the cherry jell-o. Allow it too cool for about 30 minutes then add the 1/2 cup port.
*If you boil the alcohol, it cooks it out. Which defeats the purpose.

Pour the mixture into ice cube trays, or a larger dish (you can just scoop out portions once it sets). Allow to sit int he fridge at least 6 hours, to really get firm.

To make the Whip Cream:
In a medium bowl, using a hand mixer, whip the cream until it forms soft peaks, then add the sugar and vanilla extract. Continue mixing until it forms stiff peaks. But don’t over mix it or else you’ll get butter.
*My rule of thumb with whip cream is just mix it until it’s the consistency you prefer, whether that’s more runny or more firm. You decide.

Assembling the parfait:
layer 1/4 of the jell-o, 1/4 whip cream, 1/4 berries, and repeat. Do this for each parfait and top with a couple extra berries.