I share a lot on here about me. My life. My family. My preferences. But I don’t always share things that are THAT personal. Which is kinda strange because if you know me, you know, I’ll share ANYTHING about myself, I am known as an ‘over sharer.’ You mean you didn’t want to know about the gnarly poop I took this morning? Too bad.

No, I am not going to devote a blog post to poop, don’t worry. But I should sometime…

Here’s the thing. I love to workout. I love to eat healthy. I just do. It comes fairly natural and easy for me. I don’t know if it was because of how I was raised, or just my personality, or both. 6 days a week at 5 am you can find in 1 of 3 places: my living room sweating bullets to an Insanity video, the gym, or on the trail by my house pumping out 5 miles. I might be slightly addicted to endorphins flowing through my body. Just sayin…

I follow my morning workout with 2 things: coffee and breakfast. Breakfast has become my favorite meal of the day. I eat LOADS of fruit and usually dump peanut butter all over it (split a banana in half lengthwise and swear it with pb, delish!). Peanut butter is maybe my all time favorite food. Not the sugary processed crap, but just straight pure ground peanuts, with maybe a little salt. My favorite is Costco’s organic creamy stuff, SOOO good!

Um, confession: I do really like flavored coffee creamer. I try and find the flavors that DON’T have partially hydrogenated oil at least.

*Coffee Mate has partially hydrogenated oil, International Delight doesn’t. Just in case you’re an avid consumer, like myself.

I read these healthy living blogs all the time, I love them. They really do motivate me to continue living a healthy lifestyle. The people who right them are great at expressing themselves and making their personalities clear through their words. I’m sometimes envious that my blog isn’t dedicated to my daily wanderings, meals and exercises. You’d get bored quick though, I promise! But here’s what I hate: they ALL eat oatmeal, every flippin day. And they add the most random junk to it to make it taste better. So if you’re gonna add a muffin, chocolate chips, graham crackers, even marshmallows, why not just eat an effing cupcake? I don’t get it…

So instead of fancying up oatmeal, why not just eat the stuff you’re topping it with? Does that mean I ate this for breakfast? Maybe…

And then go run a few miles to justify eating another piece :)

I love this ‘cake,’ if it can really be called that, because there isn’t any baking. With the warm summer months approaching, dessert that won’t add even more heat to my house are greatly appreciated.

Serve 4-6, depending on the size of the slices)
9 graham crackers (1 sleeve)
1 jar (small jar) marshmallow fluff
1 stick butter
1 cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 cup heavy cream
2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 cups mini marshmallows

Lay down 3 graham crackers on a serving plate (lengthwise next to each other so you get a nice rectangle). Cover the top of the graham crackers with 1/3 of the mallow butter cream, and then another layer of 3 graham crackers. Repeat 2 times, until you have 3 layers of graham crackers. Spread the last of the butter cream on the last layer and pour 1/4 of the ganache on top. Sprinkle with mini marshmallows and pour remaining ganache over the marshmallows. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before serving.

To make the ganache, heat the cream until bubbles form around the edges, then pour over the chopped chocolate. Let it stand for a few minutes, then whisk until the mixture is thick (about 4 minutes). Drizzle/pour with a spoon.

To make the butter cream, beat together the marshmallow fluff and butter, on medium speed until the mixture is smooth and fluffy, about 3 minutes.

Reduce the speed to low, add the powdered sugar and vanilla, and beat for another minute. Increase speed to medium and beat for another 3 minutes until it’s light and fluffy.

Cut into slices and serve. It cuts pretty easily with a serrated knife.