Who doesn’t love cookies? Really, if you don’t love cookies, there is something wrong with you.

But, who loves scooping or rolling out cookies? Not me. So the solution to this is to make blondies. They are essentially one giant cookie spread into a pan, baked and then cut into bars. Same great cookie flavor, but much less work. Not like cookies are TONS of work, but you get what I’m sayin.

I made these bars to bring to my mom as a ‘thank you’ for doing my taxes. Yes, my mommy still does my taxes. But I think I’m a big girl now, so next year I’ll need to do them myself. Anyway, she made a special phone call to let me know how good these were. My mom doesn’t bake, ever! I did not learn any kitchen skills from her. I take that back, she taught me how to boil water and add pasta to it, but that’s it. So for her to call and ask for the recipe because she wanted to bake, ya, these must have been THAT good! Not only do they taste insane, but they smell oh.my.gosh amazing!

These are a fantastic treat to take with you to a bbq, potluck, beach day, picnic, etc…Kids and adults will gobble them up.

I followed the recipe exactly from Michelle, at Brown Eyed Baker.