I got my Vitamix!!!!

Happy dance in progress…..

Ok, back to life.

When I get a new kitchen appliance, it’s because I know I will use the heck out of it! I’ve wanted a Vitamix for over a year. It started before I was pregnant, but during pregnancy my lust after it really ramped up. My pregnancy craving was, wait for it, spinach and blueberry smoothies. WEIRD. But healthy, so shoot, I can’t complain.

I made my spinach and blueberry smoothie EVERY morning. I used the shanty blender that I practically had to massage, talk sweet nothings too, and bribe to even slightly puree the ingredients. It was a battle, that become a joke. My husband would laugh at me. Laugh, full on belly laughs, first thing in the morning watching me beg and plead, with a blender.

During one of my many (usually weekly) trips to Costco I spotted a Vitamix. Sigh. Lust. Longing. Desire. Sweaty palms. Giddiness. All of those emotions consumed me at one time.

Oh wait, it’s our anniversary, I get a gift for our anniversary. I can ask for a Vitamix. A blender, I’m asking for a freaking blender? Most women ask for jewelery, or I don’t know, something girly like that. Not me. A blender, I want a beast of a blender. I made a ‘deal’ with my husband. Instead of a few little gifts spread out for our anniversary, my birthday, and even Christmas, how about he just get me 1 big gift? The Vitamix.

Dear husband, I love you.

So I bring you chocolate pudding cups, made with my glorious Vitamix.
(No, they did not sponsor this, I’m just expressing my love for a blender because I want to.)

Chocolate Cups

2 cups chocolate chips (if you use a dairy free chocolate, these entire little puppies are dairy free, BAM)

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 recipe Chocolate Tofu pudding (recipe below)


whip cream (obviously omit this is you are going dairy free)


Line 24 mini muffin tins with paper liners.

Melt the chips and vegetable oil in a small bowl in the microwave. Stir every 30 seconds and heat until chips are fully melted.

Spoon about 1 heaping tsp of melted chocolate into each muffin liner and spread up the sides wtih the back of a spoon. Put the tin in the freezer to get the chocolate firm. Add a second layer of chocolate to the cups, freeze again. Keep frozen until your ready to remove the paper.

I popped 4-5 muffin cups out at a time and unwrapped them. Leaving the remaining ones in the freezer while I was unwrapping. They unwrap easiest when they are REALLY cold. That’s why I did it in stages/batches. I put the unwrapped cups on a plate and stored them in the refrigerator.

This is what happens when the chocolate sides are too thin, they crumble.

When you double coat them, you get thick sides that are more durable when peeling the wrapper off.

Chocolate Tofu Pudding

1 box tofu, drained (I used firm tofu, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not firm)

2 tbsp agave nectar

1/2 cup chocolate chips, melted and cooled slightly (use diary free to keep these vegan)

1/4 cup chocolate sauce (the squirt kind for chocolate milk)

*A note about the tofu. I used a 19 oz package (that’s what Costco sells), but I know plenty of stores sell them in 12 oz and 16 oz. So just use whatever you can find. If you use less tofu, use a tad less chocolate. Or not, keep the chocolate the same and just have extra chocolate pudding.


Put all the ingredients in a vitamix (or blender) and puree until smooth. Refrigerate until ready to fill the chocolate cups, I only let it refrigerate about 30 minutes before adding them to the cups. Once ready to fill the cups, scoop the pudding into a large zip lock bag. Cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the bag and squeeze the pudding into the cups.

*You can just spoon the pudding into the cups, but the zip lock bag trick makes it a bit less messy.

Refrigerate the filled pudding cups for about 4 hours, so the pudding sets and gets a little firmer.

Top with whip cream.

And raspberries.

And enjoy one, or 5, for yourself.

I served these to some friends and was hesitant to tell them it was tofu. They are meat loving freaks. Not that they aren’t open to new things, but they also just want straight up regular pudding, if you’re gonna call it pudding. So I told them to just try one before I told them what was in it. They said it tasted REALLY good, like mousse. And THEN I told them it was made of tofu. They said you couldn’t even taste the tofu. So, moral of the story: tofu and non-tofu people will enjoy your tofu pudding cups.