I’m torn in which direction to go with this post. Do I drag on about my fro yo addiction. Or do I talk about the blogging community.

huggggh zzZZZZZ. huggggh zzzZZZZZ.

I think I just dozed off thinking about my fro yo addiction. Old News. So clearly, that’s not the way to go.

Blogging, I didn’t understand it. Well, frankly, I still don’t always. But, I understand it more now then I did when I first started blogging. There’s a pretty tight knit food blogging community that exists. When I say tight knit I mean oh, all few thousand of us, and then some. In any case, as I’ve been blogging more, and eventually succumbed to twitter, I’ve met some freaking AWESOME people.

You know those healthy lifestyle/exercise food bloggers, who blog about there oatmeal every morning? I’m friends with some of them too, they’re legit, minus their oatmeal addictions. And for that matter, twitter friends, who don’t even have blogs, you’re included in here too.

Theses are people who I talk to EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. They make me laugh. We can have a few comments, or tweets back and forth, and it’s like we are instant BFF. I wish we lived on the same street so we could have Friday night happy hour in our backyards, sipping sangria, eating nachos, and complaining about why everyone doesn’t love food or exercise as much as we do. Ahhhh, how fantastic would that be?!?!

You know what we all have in common, well, besides food blogging, or exercise, or tweeting excessively? A love for frozen yogurt. I feel pretty confident saying that self serve frozen yogurt places lace their machine with crack. I’m gonna say my confidence in this is based on a ‘friend’s experience. She gets the shakes if she doesn’t have fro yo at least 4 times a week. This ‘friend’ has a serious problem. So I’m trying to help her kick the addiction, and make ‘her’ own.

The problem with homemade frozen yogurt is it usually gets pretty dang rock hard in the freezer. It can still taste delicious once it’s sat out for a few minutes, but who can wait that long. A few minute sis an eternity when your CRAVING fro yo. I was determined to make a frozen yogurt that stayed semi-soft, even after it’s been int he freezer for a few days.


I not only gave myself a pat on the back, I whipped my hand around and gave myself a smack on the ass. This stuff is fantastic.

Mango Tart Frozen Yogurt

Makes 3 cups

1 mango, diced (about 1 1/2 cups)

1 cup non fat greek yogurt

1/2 cup nonfat sweetened condensed milk

1 tbsp triple sec*

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until pureed. I blended mine on medium for about 3 minutes.

Transfer to a plastic container and freeze for a few hours. Mix with a fork, then continue freezing until completely frozen. Let it sit out a couple minutes before serving.

*This is mainly so you can get it a little drippy on the sides, like the self serve places.

*The triple sec, or any alcohol, helps the yogurt stay softer, instead of getting rock hard. Try vodka or a flavored rum (like Malibu mango rum, YUM!).

*The recipe can easily be doubled, and makes 1 quart (just use 2 mangoes, 1 entire can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk, 2 cups greek yogurt, and 2 tbsp triple sec.

*My ONLY complaint, and it really even isn’t a complaint, is that because it is fat free (and I do not think a full fat sweetened condensed milk will help) and the mango has liquid, it can be a little icy, still softer because of the alcohol, but just not the CREAMIEST. Blending after it’s partially frozen (instead of just mixing with a fork) may help this. I’ll try it next time. Because there WILL be a next time!!!