My birthday cake (ah hem, giveaway promotion) was just the beginning of all the creative ways to use honey. Honey IN buttercream, yes, it was delicious. Now I’m adding honey to cocktails.

I’m not a bourbon drinker. Scratch that. I WASN’T a bourbon drinker. I don’t know if I can drink bourbon straight, on the rocks, though Do you even drink it that way, ever? See, I’m such a newbie, I don’t even know how to drink it. I still have to ask “is bourbon whiskey, or is whiskey bourbon, are the same but different, or just the same?” I’m confused.

Here’s what I DO know about Bourbon: It goes REAL well with apple and honey.
Side Note: Just imagine for a sec, an apple pie with a honey bourbon ice cream. Someone, PLEASE make this for me, preeeeeety pleeeease!!!

I also know honey, apple and bourbon shaken and poured into a chilled martini glass will make you feel real fancy. And you know, sometimes I sorta want to feel a little fancy. But if I don’t want to feel fancy, I just pour this straight over ice and drink it from a mason jar while wearing my sweats. That’s reserved for super special occasions though. Or I might even make this as a hot apple cider. How good does that sound? Honey apple bourbon CIDER. Um yes, that WILL be happening, soon!

Honey Apple Bourbon Martini
Serves 1

2 shots apple juice (I used Libby’s 100% juice)
1 shot bourbon (I used Wild Turkey 101)
1 tbsp honey (I used Honey Ridge Farms Lemon Creme Honey)
ice cubes

Add all the ingredients to a martini shaker and shake 10 times.
Strain into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy.

A few random notes about the martini:
*I don’t know how many ounces my shot glass is (it’s a gimmicky glass w/ a skull and crossbones on it, classy!). But the above measurements filled my martini glass perfectly.

*I microwaved my honey for about 15 seconds to turn it into a liquid before I added it to the martini shaker. It helped it mix better.

*When I was working in restaurants I learned you only shake a martini 10 times. That’s enough to chill it, but not too much to water it down.

*Put your martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes while you’re gathering the ingredients. This will help your drink stayed chilled a little longer, without watering it down with extra ice.

*I tried this using the spiced creme honey and the lemon creme honey and I can not choose which I like more. They both were seriously SOOOOO good!