I drink coffee, a lot of it. I like the taste, what can I say.
Every morning, without fail, I think the same thing, “Coffee, can I give you a big hug?”
And I gently hug my mug of coffee.

Creating my morning coffee is almost like mixing up a cocktail. It’s not a science, but it involves more then just pouring some cream in a mug, sprinkling in sugar, and giving it a quick stir.

In fact, it’s an 8 step process. Yes, my coffee involves 8 steps.

1. Brew coffee (fill grounds, fill water reservoir, yadda yadda yadda).
2. Pour milk (organic whole milk or soy) into my favorite pink polka dot mug.
3. Pour maple syrup into mug (agave or honey wen I run out of maple)
4. Microwave mug with milk and maple for 30 seconds (just to take the chill off).
5. Pour coffee into warmed mug.
6. Sip for a taste test.
7. Add more milk and maple. The taste test is basically a moot point. I always add more milk and maple.
8. Sit down and drink my coffee. I usually drink the first cup within 15 minutes. Second cup takes about 30 minutes. 3rd cup, that just depends on how much time I have…

My morning just wouldn’t be complete without my coffee. I assume there are others like me, who LOVE their coffee… can I get an aaaaaaamen!!!!! Then this giveaway is for you (you’re welcome). And if you don’t like coffee, I’m guessing someone in your life does, win this for them!

Dunkin Donuts pre-packaged coffee is available in your local grocery store and even some bulk stores. You can find these little orange bags (like the one pictured above) just about everywhere! It’s fantastic! Visit www.dunkinathome.com for more information and to find a store near you.


For the giveaway…

The gift basket includes:
*2 Dunkin Donuts coffee mugs
*1 bag of Original Blend (The Original Blend is a unique mix of 100% Arabica beans with the smooth, delicious flavor that has made Dunkin’ Donuts famous)
*1 bag of Dunkin’ Decaf® (Dunkin Decaf is made from a full-flavored blend of 100% Arabica beans, this is one decaf that has all the taste of the original)

To enter for a chance to win, please follow the instructions below and leave a separate comment for each entry on this post. Please make sure I have a way to contact you (add your e-mail in the comment if need be).

To enter to win, leave a comment letting me know…
What do you put in your coffee?

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