3 weeks ago my precious baby girl turned 1.
We had a party.
It was Awesome.
The end.

But wait, let’s back up and start from the beginning…

I started planning the party MONTHS ago! Well, mainly I started planning the food months ago. Come on now, did you expect anything less? But before I could plan the food we had to decide on a ‘theme.’ We call Waverly our ‘Little Wave’ so we decided on a ‘Wave’ theme. And from there, I went crazy on pinterest gathering ideas…

I made her an outfit, a hot pink super girly outfit to compensate for her blue birthday party. And by ‘made’ I mean I ironed some fabric and ribbon onto a shirt using stitch witchery. I cut a hot pink sheer curtain (that was used as a table cloth at my baby shower) and tied pieces of it to a pink ribbon. Bam, done and done. We’ve got ourselves a girly outfit!

Of course we had food, tons of food! It’s not pictured, but for lunch we had:

Seashells and Pearls (shell pasta and pea salad – recipe coming later)
Kelp Paddy Salad (spinach salad, much like this one)
Goldfish Crackers
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs (when I asked Jon what food reminded him of the beach he said, “hamburgers and hot dogs.” So, there ya have it…)

And for dessert…

(note the little ‘wave’ boarder around the cupcakes. It’s oober cheesy, yet I was so proud of it.)

Carrot Cake Truffles (leftover cake and frosting I turned into cake pops, without the stick)
Broken Sea Glass jello (with Swedish fish scattered on top)
Blue Velvet’ Cupcakes (Use this technique to swirl different colors of frosting)

Besides the birthday girl, the next best part of any 1 year olds birthday is the cake, right?

It was my first time making ‘flour’ frosting and I’m in love! It uses FAR less sugar than any frosting I’ve ever made and it tastes like whip cream. BUT, unlike whip cream, you can use this to frost a cake or pipe onto cupcakes and it doesn’t slide off, melt, or deflate. The actual cake was basically just a banana bread I baked in cake tins, nothing fancy. I originally wanted to find a way to make the frosting blue by using something natural, like pureed blueberries or purple cabbage ‘juice.’. But, nothing would give me the results I was hoping for. So I bought food coloring and just went with it. Oh, and the little ‘beach balls’ are mints that I colored blue and yellow stripes onto using edible markers.

Look at the cute cupcake clip her Aunt made her. How perfect is that?!?!

Someone likes cake!

I tried to get the cake off her face and hands. Fail. But we took a family picture despite her blue gums and finger nails. And yes, she’s in a different outfit. Refer to the cake eating picture above to conclude why I had to change her clothes. Here, let me give you a hint, by the time she was flailing her hands in the air letting us she was ‘all done,’ there was blue frosting EVERYWHERE!

We had a photo booth with props. I got the idea from Bonnie, and I also borrowed her props from her son’s birthday party. Thanks Bon!

The photo booth was a fun and easy way to document all the people who came to celebrate Waverly’s first year. I highly recommend it for any party, really.

Waverly, you are our favorite. Your personality is out of control cute and we love you to the moon and back, and then like 489,638 times more. We just think you’re the greatest!


Pictures taken by Shastina. If you guys are in the Orange County area, check her out! We’ve known her for YEARS, and we just love her!