Our power just turned back on after being out for 16 hours. While that isn’t the end of the world, by any means, it’s just a huuuuge inconvenience. It’s the first time we’ve had to deal with a power outage since Wave’s been born, so it was uncharted terrotory for us. Feeding, bathing, and doing all that fun ‘bedtime routine’ stuff, by candlelight, is interesting…

My husband is what we affectionately call a ‘checker.’ If he hears a noise in the backyard, he immediately grabs the 10 foot long, 100 lb flashlight (ok, it’s just a big Maglite, but it might as well be 100 lbs) he keeps by his bed and goes to scope out who the ‘intruder’ is. One time this backfired on him. He turned the spot light on 2 racoons ‘doing it’ in our backyard. Epic, I pee’d laughing so hard. He was not amused. In addition to him being a checker, he’s also ’emergency preparedness guy.’ So when the power goes out at 2 in the afternoon, while I decide that mean we MUST nap, he gets all of our candles, batteries, flashlights, and water ready. Just in case we’re invaded by zombies. Because zombies are CLEARLY who made the power go out. It couldn’t have been the insane amounts of wind, noooo, that CAN’T be why the power went out…

While Jon is busy protecting our house from a zombie attack, I’m taking a mental inventory of what food we have in the fridge and freezer. I couldn’t take a physical inventory because I didn’t want to open it to let all the cold air out. As I was mentally going through the contents, I was quite surprised with all the good food we have stored up: Leftover guacamole hummus, frozen chili, quinoa salad, and mashed potatoes.

And of course, ice cream. I almost always have a batch, or two, of homemade ice cream in the freezer. You know, just in case of emergencies. Like zombie attacks, power outages, that sort of thing…

This recipe is crazy easy (no ice cream maker required!) and seriously deeeelicious! The thing is, when something is so delicious that you, by yourself, eat the entire batch in 2 days, this is a sign you MUST share it with others. By ‘share’ I mean share the recipe, not the ice cream. Like I just said, I ate the entire batch, by myself, in 2 days. Which means I had 4 servings of fruit, and over 1600 calories of … moving on…

We know I have a sliiiiight obsession with mason jars, so of course I had to make ice cream in individual sizes using mason jars. The batch makes about 6 cups of ice cream, which means you need 6-8 ounce mason jars, with lids. You don’t need to go out and buy mason jars specifically, just use any spare jars you have (that have lids) laying around the house. So not only is this recipe easy, but it’s environmentally friendly?!?! Because you reuse jars. Environmentally friendly ice cream… that’s a stretch, but whatev, let’s go with it…

The ice cream is super creamy and smooth (except for the small juicy chunks of strawberries) just like ice cream you buy at the store, only better. Because homemade is always better!

Strawberry Ice Cream


  • 1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk (lowfat or nonfat work great too!)
  • 2 cups heavy cream
  • 2 cups chopped strawberries (measured out, then finely chop or puree them)
  • *If you don’t have strawberries, use any other berry or fruit you like
  • Optional: sprinkles


In a large bowl, using a hand mixer, whip the heavy cream until it starts to form soft peaks (just until it starts to get a tiny bit stiff). Add in the sweetened condensed milk and continuing whipping for about 1 minute. Fold in chopped/pureed strawberries and pour into freezer containers (mason jars, tubberware, whatever you want).

Freeze for 6-8 hours (or overnight). Remove from the freezer and enjoy!

*If the ice cream is really hard when you remove it from the freezer, just let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes to thaw a bit.