It was some random Monday holiday and I was just chillin’ at home, all day, yeeeeeaaahh!!! I don’t remember which holiday though… some president was born, or died, or someone declared it ‘ski week,’ something along those lines… Anyway, we had just put the baby down for a nap and we’re feeling EXHAUSTED from the previous weekend. It’s times like this we wish we had cable. But we don’t, so we deal. We flipped through crap daytime talk shows and eventually landed on the Nate Berkus show. We caught just the tail end of it when Guy Fieri was making some spicy maragarita… The pitcher Guy used to make his margarita in looked super familiar… in fact, just the week prior to that I had received an e-mail from Big Kitchen asking if I wanted to review the EXACT SAME ONE!!!! So when I saw the pitcher on TV, I almost felt like I was a celebrity, on TV, too. Like me having the same pitcher connected me to Guy, and being on TV, somehow.

It was at that moment I KNEW I had to make margs in the pitcher too. It just seemed like the right thing to do. But, since it’s an iced tea pitcher, it should probably have iced tea in it?!?! Solution: Iced Tea Margaritas.

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker it hot green and pretty sleek looking, so it looks nice to set out for people to pour themselves a drink from. It’s plastic and durable. You can brew loose leaf OR tea bags. I thought that was a really cool feature because we’ve recently gotten into brewing loose leaf tea and I love all the fancy custom flavors. But most importantly, it’ll make you feel like a celebrity, because you know a real celebrity (I think he’s considered one?) actually used it.

The actually tea margarita is light and refreshing. Not overly sweet or syrupy because it’s not from a mix. Instead of tequila, add some sparkling water for a non-alcoholic version. Either way, make a huge batch of this for Cinco-de Mayo, trust me, just do it!

Iced Tea Margarita

Iced Tea Margarita


  • 2 cups sweet and sour mix
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 4 cups iced tea
  • Lots of ice
  • 2 limes, cut into wedges


In a pitcher, add the ingredients and stir until blended.

Place lots of ice in each glass. Pour drink into glass and garnish with a lime wedge.

Makes 6 margaritas.

Make the sweet and sour mix and brew the iced tea the day before you serve these to save yourself some time the day of.

Don’t use janky tequila.  We found some great reposada tequila at Trader Joe’s for about $20 and it is SO worth it!

You don’t neeeed to use homemade sweet and sour mix, you can use limeade, margarita mix, or even straight lemonade.  But I’m telling you, homemade tastes far superior.  Less syrupy/sugary and more flavorful.

I realize a brown cocktail isn’t the most appealing color… but well, it’s iced tea, so roll with it…

Disclaimer: While I was compensated for the Iced Tea Pitcher, all of the opinions are 100% my own.