Each fall I pretend like pumpkin isn’t going to become my obsession.  Each fall I fail.  Miserably.  If I’m absolutely truthful with myself, and you, I gotta be real and confess I just love pumpkin desserts.  So I’m stoked that Carrie is doing an entire week dedicated to pumpkin.  More pumpkin recipes and ideas is never, ever, a bad thing!
I love that pumpkin + spices = sweat heavenly goodness that can be combined with just about anything.  Like coffee.  I totally hated pumpkin spice latte’s the first time I had one, I even gave it back and asked for something else.  But now, yep, I love them (just like every other girl my age, it’s in our DNA).
Head on over to Carrie’s blog (www.bakeaholicmama.com) for the recipe to this seriously deliiiiicious Pumpkin Latte Trifle.  She’s also hosting a giveaway, yet another reason you should head on over.  FREE STUFF!  Um, who doesn’t like free stuff???!!