In the food blog world it’s practically a sin to go ‘dark’ during the holidays.    This is the time of year pretty much everyone cooks, bakes and searches for recipes to use, so why the heck am I not posting Christmas recipes every 4 seconds?!?!

Well, if you follow me on twitter or instagram you may have seen or heard me talk about the house we just bought.  We bought a fixer upper during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, during the holiday season.  We’re complete morons.

I even have a new neat-o stove that I’ve used once… to cook a frozen lasagna in.  Pathetic.  That was until last weekend.  I finally did some cooking and baking.; cookies, pizza, and banana bread.  Yea!  I’m getting my groove back!  My new kitchen is like a dream and I’m loving cooking and baking in it.  We even did a subway tile backsplash.  And hung a pot rack.  Things I’ve dreamed of but never thought I’d actually have.  Now I just need to figure out how the heck to organize.  I’m sure I’ll find a system soon, but it’s almost laughable that baking banana bread took me about 30 minutes to get all the ingredients together.  I had to first find the ingredients, then I all of a sudden got a bit of motivation to attempt some sort of baking cabinet organization… then decided that wasn’t going to work and needed a different system.  At this point I resided to the fact that it’s going to be months before I find a system that really works for me, and that’s ok.

We’re all getting used to the new noises, creaks, the sound of a heater cranking on at 3 am, the song my oven sings to me when it’s done pre-heating… you know, all the nuances of a new place.  It’s a process…  and again, that’s ok.

The first 2 weeks I don’t think any of us really slept, and man, that just completely sucked!  To put it lightly.  Waverly has always been an awesome sleeper, doesn’t make a peep during the 12 hours she’s in her crib at night.  Unless of course she’s debriefing sleep sheep on all the days events… that kid, she’s a talker!  But then we move, she gets a cold, has a gnarly teething episode and she’s all of a sudden waking up 2 times a night.  I start to have a mental breaking down, totally freaking out, wondering how I’ll deal with 2 kids waking up during the night.  I’m sure my breakdown was due to my over the top pregnant emotional state and lack of sleep… but in any case, I was feeling WAY overwhelmed.  It was all too much change, too quickly.  Oh, and did I mention I also got ANOTHER cold??  My ding dang immune system is just shot this pregnancy.  But, the baby girl growing inside of me is happy as a little clam… so, I’ll take one for the team.  Oh, and yes, we have a name for her, buuuuuut, we’re gonna keep that one to ourselves just a little while longer.  You love me.

Now that we’ve been there for about 3 weeks and most of the boxes are unpacked, I’m finally feeling like it’s home. We still don’t have internet though.  I won’t even vent about how annoying it is to try and research how to do things around the house (like building shelves,  installing a ____, or where to buy ____ ) when you don’t have internet.  And blogging without internet, yaaaaa, um, not so much.

Fear not, I will be back.  Hopefully sooner than later. I’ll show you some pictures of our house… and have some recipes, of course :)  Until then, I’m trying to occasionally post pictures on twitter and instagram to stay in touch.  In case I don’t get a chance to blog before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Disclaimer: I apologize for any and all spelling and grammar in this post.  And if none of this makes sense, let’s just chalk that up to pregnancy brain, which is in FULL EFFECT.  Just last night, after I tried to build the kid a toy, and almost broke the entire thing, Jon said, “you’re smart and totally capable, but this pregnancy brain has turned you into a well, I don’t know.  But just don’t touch anything else, let me take care of everything.”  And with that… good bye, I’m going to nap now, apparently Jon’s got everything under control.