Have you ever heard of a  Dark ‘N’ Stormy?  It’s a hipster drink.  If cocktails wore accessories, this one would wear thick rimmed oversized glasses. I’m pretty sure if it wore clothing, it would be skinny jeans.  At least in my mind this is a hipster drink.

My hipster friend, who will swear ’til he’s blue in the face that he isn’t a hipster, introduced me to them.  He said all his friends drink them.  These friends of his, they’re total non-hipsters too. TOTALLY.  Further proving my assumption that a Dark ‘N’ Stormy is a hipster drink.  Anyway.  Regardless of who likes it, who invented it, or if it’s trendy or not, it’s good!  Simple and good.   It’s essentially spiced rum, ginger beer and a lime wedge.  Not complicated,  just like a hipster.  Said no one ever.

Now, you know me, and how I can’t leave well enough alone.  So I had to go ahead and give this hip beverage a twist.   A tropical twist using coconut rum.  The sweetness of the coconut rum mellows out the ginger beer and the spiced rum.  It makes it a drink you start to gulp, rather than just sip.  So you may end up having a few too many, they go down preeeeettah easy.  Make a big pitcher of them for your next party, summer BBQ, or just a regular ol’ Friday night hanging out with friends.



Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm


  • 1 oz spiced rum
  • 1 oz coconut rum (I used Malibu)
  • 2 oz ginger beer
  • 1 lime wedge, squeezed


Fill glass with ice. Add ingredients in the order listed. Drink. Enjoy.