Whole Wheat Slice-N-Bake Sugar Cookies

In Christmas Baking, Cookies, Desserts, Kid Food On November 4, 2013 12 Comments

Exactly 1 year ago today my older daughter had 3 seizures, all within a few hours of each other.  On that same day I was in bed with… Read More »

Homemade Goat Milk Infant Formula

In Baby Food, Beverages, Kid Food On October 23, 2013 27 Comments

Before I really get into why I even started to make homemade infant formula, I feel like I need to say a few things. 1. This is a… Read More »

Brown Butter Rosemary Pecans

In Fall Favorites, Holidays, Side dish, Snack, Vegetarian On October 22, 2013 2 Comments

  It’s amazing how simply cooking a stick of butter in a pan until it reaches a slight shade of brown can completely change the flavor and make… Read More »

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice

In Christmas Baking, Dairy Free, Desserts, Fall Favorites, Holidays, Side dish, Snack, Vegan On October 18, 2013 5 Comments

  When I first started cooking and baking I sorta feared looking at recipes.  Just reading an ingredient list was like reading a foreign language that led to… Read More »

Gooey Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

In Chocolate, Cookies, Dairy Free, Desserts, Fall Favorites, Holidays, Kid Food On October 14, 2013 6 Comments

  I’ve been making pumpkin cookies for years and they never turn out like I hope.  They’re delicious, but more fluffy and caky instead of gooey and slightly… Read More »

Homemade Irish Cream (A.K.A. Baileys)

In Beverages, Chocolate, Desserts, Holidays On October 10, 2013 8 Comments

Sometimes I do crazy things, like make a HUGE batch of Irish cream liqueur before 9 am, for no reason.  Welcome to the life of a food blogger…. Read More »

Caramel Pumpkin Ice Cream

In Desserts, Fall Favorites, Holidays, Ice Cream On October 2, 2013 13 Comments

Accidents aren’t always a bad thing.  Let me explain.   I started by making a pumpkin caramel sauce to go ON TOP of vanilla bean ice cream and… Read More »

Orange Juice Vinaigrette Dressing

In Dairy Free, Fruit, Salads, Side dish, Vegan, Vegetarian On September 30, 2013 3 Comments

  I don’t blog about a lot of the meals we eat at home.  Know why?  Because they’re laughably boring.  They may not even be eaten on plates…. Read More »

Lemon Curd Cheesecake

In Cake, Cheese, Desserts, Fruit On September 25, 2013 4 Comments

    Much like my love for ice cream, my love for cheesecake is a little snobbish.  I don’t discriminate against flavors, it can be plain, chocolatey or… Read More »

Banana Sheet Cake with Chocolate Fudge Icing

In Breakfast, Cake, Chocolate, Desserts, Fruit, Kid Food On September 21, 2013 4 Comments

You guys, I did something a little outside my comfort zone.  For reals, like waaaaaay outside my comfort zone. I joined a group for Mothers of Preschoolers.  Apparently… Read More »

Salted Caramel Sauce

In Desserts On September 18, 2013 4 Comments

  I tend to shy away from making caramel.  I’ll see a recipe that requires caramel and I convince myself it will be too hard and I’ll just… Read More »

Flourless Chocolate Cake

In Cake, Chocolate, Desserts On September 14, 2013 7 Comments

  I married a sweets guy.  Yes, he’s a sweet guy, but he’s a SWEETS guy.  He can smell a cookie from a mile away and if you… Read More »