Grilled Tri Tip and Brie Salad

In Cheese, Meat, Salads, Vegetables On June 9, 2013 2 Comments

A salad a day keeps the doctor away.  At least that’s a rule I live by.  Salad is legitimately my favorite food, and I do eat one everyday…. Read More »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake Ice Cream

In Cheese, Chocolate, Cookies, Desserts, Ice Cream, Kid Food On June 3, 2013 15 Comments

  For years I’ve been trying to get Jon to like cheesecake and ice cream.  The dude won’t budge.  He tolerates cheesecake like once a year, but won’t… Read More »

Cool Ranch Pretzels

In Appetizers, Kid Food, Snack, Vegetarian On May 24, 2013 9 Comments

  Deep down in my soul exists a serious love for food that is mostly found at gas stations. Powdered mini donuts, check. Ranch Corn Nuts, yep. Slim… Read More »

Brownie Batter Truffle Swirl Ice Cream

In Chocolate, Desserts, Ice Cream On May 21, 2013 6 Comments

  Some days my kids are the best.  Some days they are the worst.  Ok, maybe not the worst, but, it’s like they’re in cahoots and conspiring against… Read More »

Super Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

In Cake, Chocolate, Dairy Free, Desserts On May 19, 2013 18 Comments

  I’m one of ‘those’ who doesn’t like mayonnaise. Unless I’m pregnant.  For whatever reason, a pregnant Julia LOVES mayo, slathered on pretty much anything.  But the second… Read More »

Spring Salad with Brown Butter Vinaigrette

In Salads, Side dish, Vegetables, Vegetarian On May 15, 2013 7 Comments

  You don’t need fancy schmancy exotic vegetables or spices to make amazing food.  You just need to use what you have in the best way possible.  This… Read More »

Red Velvet Ice Cream

In Cheese, Desserts, Ice Cream On May 12, 2013 13 Comments

I get that people would sell their first born for a piece of red velvet cake.  Ok wait, no, I don’t get it.  People go caraaaaaazy over red… Read More »

Classic Almond Biscotti

In Breakfast, Cookies, Desserts, Snack On May 6, 2013 12 Comments

  I pretend like I don’t like biscotti.  But the truth is, I just don’t like store bought biscotti.  The biscotti in plastic wrap at coffee shops are… Read More »

Grilled Pineapple Peach Salsa

In Appetizers, Dairy Free, Fruit, Snack, Vegetarian On May 4, 2013 8 Comments

  Chips and salsa.  It’s a staple at most parties, gatherings, festivities, BBQ’s, potlucks, etc… Sure, you can buy a jar at the store, you’ll even have a… Read More »

Jam Straws

In Breakfast, Cookies, Desserts On April 27, 2013 9 Comments

  I’m so cheap I’m currently eating stale plantain chips.  I’ve convinced myself  they’re still perfectly good.  Truth: they’re not perfectly good at all.  But, they’re edible and… Read More »

Dark Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

In Chocolate, Desserts, Ice Cream On April 19, 2013 14 Comments

  I try not to compulsive buy at the grocery store.  I don’t neccessarily carry a list either.  Those real organized people who meal plan and have their… Read More »

Super Simple Dinner Rolls

In Breads, Kid Food, Side dish, Vegan, Vegetarian On April 11, 2013 5 Comments

  To be a member of our family you must consider bread an essential food group.  The MOST essential of them all, in fact.  I was almost excommunicated… Read More »