BBQ Beer Chicken, in the Crockpot!

In Dairy Free, Meat, Sandwich On October 15, 2015 49 Comments

*** Update – October 2015*** I frequently get texts from friends and family asking me for recipe ideas for potlucks, dinner parties, or for a freezer meal.  This… Read More »

Nature Valley Knock-Offs

In Breakfast, Dairy Free, Desserts, Kid Food, Snack, Vegan, Vegetables On October 2, 2015 28 Comments

*** Update October 2, 2015*** These bars deserve to be revisited. My original post said we don’t buy processed snack foods.  What a cute thing for me to… Read More »

Pumpkin Roulade Cake

In Cake, Desserts, Fall Favorites, Holidays On September 22, 2015 9 Comments

*** Update (September 22, 2015)*** This roulade is still one of my absolute favorite recipes on my blog. It’s easy enough, delicious and impressive. I plan on making… Read More »

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frosted Brownies

In Chocolate, Cookies, Desserts, Kid Food On July 18, 2014 9 Comments

Brownies with a salmonella free cookie dough smothered on top.  For reals.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  I’m not even one of those cookie dough… Read More »

Lemon Raspberry Yogurt Scones

In Breakfast, Desserts, Fruit, Holidays, Vegetarian On April 15, 2014 7 Comments

Scones aren’t super common in my kitchen.  I don’t often crave them and I don’t make meals that they would go ‘just perfect’ with.  We eat eggs and… Read More »

M&M Cookie Ice Cream

In Chocolate, Cookies, Desserts, Ice Cream, Kid Food On April 1, 2014 4 Comments

I love 2 ingredient ice cream.  Just pour, mix, freeze.  That’s it.  So so easy, and delicious, and versatile. Wait, come again, you don’t know what 2 ingredient… Read More »

Peanut Butter Sweet Minglers (A.K.A. Puppy Chow or Muddy Buddies)

In Breakfast, Chocolate, Christmas Baking, Desserts, Holidays, Kid Food, Peanut Butter On March 27, 2014 4 Comments

Puppy chow, Muddy Buddies, or whatever you want to call this quintessential Christmas treat (that I’m making in spring, because I’m strange like that), is a highly anticipated… Read More »

Blueberry Swirl Sourdough Bread

In Breads, Breakfast, Dairy Free, Fruit, Vegan, Vegetarian On March 21, 2014 5 Comments

I can’t decide if this bread is best topped with a hefty smearing of peanut butter, butter, cream cheese, a slice of brie, or used as french toast…. Read More »

Baileys Coffee Ice Cream

In Beverages, Desserts, Ice Cream On March 17, 2014 3 Comments

Have you ever put Baileys in your coffee?  Yaaaaa, not advised.  I mean, it is advised, it’s delicious.  Baileys is like adult chocolate milk.  But not.  It’s better.  But,… Read More »

Sourdough Basics (Starter + Bread)

In Breads, Dairy Free, Kid Food, Vegetarian On March 14, 2014 4 Comments

Have you ever wanted to make a fresh loaf of sourdough bread or sourdough bread bowls?  Maybe you shied away because you were intimidated by ‘starter’ listed in… Read More »

Simple Vegetable Soup

In Dairy Free, Side dish, Vegan, Vegetables, Vegetarian On March 11, 2014 3 Comments

I over buy vegetables, 100% of the time. Just yesterday asparagus was on sale and I bought 3 HUGE bunches.  I’m the only one in my house who… Read More »

Chocolate Coke Poke Cake

In Cake, Chocolate, Desserts, Kid Food On March 5, 2014 8 Comments

Coca-Cola in a cake, it’s weird, I know. Why would I even go there?  Simple,  a 3/4 full can of coke sitting on the counter inspired (haunted) me…. Read More »